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For those people who are looking to enjoy the most hygienic and eco-friendly clean up possible, a bidet attachment is a must-have. By adding any of the products in our collection to the side of your toilet, or attaching it to your toilet seat, you’ll get to experience an entire new definition of clean. We only sell the top brands with the best reviews and solid manufacturer warranties.

Incorporating a bidet attachment to the toilet in your home can have a truly profound impact on how you feel. Everyone knows what it’s like to have to go to the bathroom at an inopportune time. Maybe you’ve had to go to the bathroom right before leaving for work after you’ve already showered. You don’t want to go back into the shower and most people in the United States only have toilet paper to resort to leaving them feeling less than clean throughout their entire work day.

Adding a bidet attachment to your toilet seat is the ultimate solution. It allows you to save time, money, and feel completely clean without having to go back into the shower. Many people think it’s a bit strange, but in some countries such as Italy, Bidet’s are found in over 97% of households. For whatever reason though, bidet use just never caught on in the US. Until now that is! Money and environmentally conscious consumers are finally making the switch so that they can stop flushing their money down the toilet bowl.

This all being said, the definition of bidet attachment can vary. This is why we’ve included many different products within this collection. Not only do we have hand held bidets that can attach directly to the side of your toilet, but we also stock bidet toilet seats which attach right onto your current toilet seat. These electronic bidets come with advanced features such as: toilet seat warmers, warm and cool water, the ability to save settings by users, and even a toilet night light for select models. Prices range from less than $30 to $700, so not matter what your budget is, you can start enjoying a high quality bidet and a new way of life! Some of the brands that we feature are: Brondell, Galaxy, Nova, Clean Sense, and Infinity.

We might be a bit biased, but we truly think that BathVault is the best place to get a bidet attachment online. Our lowest price guarantee means that you’ll be getting the best price possible as well as free shipping. You’ll also enjoy a duty-free experience (no pun intended) because we don’t charge sales tax! You can also shop with your favorite ways to pay such as PayPal and even with your Amazon Account!

That being said, we want to make sure that you get the right bidet attachment for your bathroom. We have a professional team standing by waiting to answer any and all of your questions. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1.844.932.7282. You can also use our website contact form found here. If we’re online (we usually are) feel free to also use our live chat found on the bottom right corner of the site.

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