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When you think of bidet, one of the first brands that comes to mind is usually Brondell as they are probably the most well-known bidet bring within the US. Their longstanding commitment to quality has made them a sought after and well known brand.


The company’s origin is in 1990 when founder Dave Samuel went on a trip to Japan as a gift from his dad. Dave was all set to attend MIT and was a techie at heart, so naturally he was very intrigued with the techie culture and devices throughout Tokyo. As he went to the bathroom while dining out one evening, he got himself soaking wet as he couldn’t read the buttons on the bidet they had in the establishment. While embarrassing, it forever changed his life.

He realized that these devices were in almost every Japanese home and establishment, but were virtually non-existent in the US.

Mark Cuban himself was the one that secured the investment for Dave’s vision to create a bidet that was easy to install and accessible to everyone in the US. From there Brondell was born. Now they create a line of products such as the swash series (1000,300, 900, 825, etc) and even water filters.

Brondell has been given many awards of the years such as the Good Housekeeping VIP Award, KBIS Best of Kitchen Silver Award, and Electronic House Home Health Technology Product of the Year. is an authorized dealer with Brondell and is commited to giving you the best customer service and the lowest price possible.