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Dry Flush

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The developers of Dry Flush had a vision: create a toilet that can be used in areas off the grid with little or no access to power. They set out to created something light-weight and portable and that is indeed what they did.


They created a toilet that you can literally carry almost anywhere (at 27 lbs) and use wherever you want. Because it is battery operated, you can get around 300 flushes before needing to make a replacement. There’s no need for a power supply.

The Dry Flush is extremely stable and has been proven and tested to support weight up to 550 pounds. What’s even better, is that there’s no complicated set up. Just get it, unpack it, and you’re ready to go.

Worried about odor? Well don’t be. All the waste is drained off into an airtight compartment where odor cannot escape or leak out. There are no chemicals either, so you don’t have to worry about Dry Flush products being unsafe for your family. The system they use to isolate odors is proprietary. Once the waste that was in the toilet is flushed down, you won’t encounter it ever again. Odors don’t linger and it may even smell better than a regular toilet!

And as you can imagine from the name, no water is required!

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