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Electric Bidet Seat Collection

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There was a time in history when someone had to buy an entirely separate fixture if they wanted to ditch the toilet paper and install a bidet into their bathroom. However, thanks to modern technology, one can now get an electric bidet seat which can be installed right on top of their toilet seat. Many times, these bidet seats also come with some extraordinary additional features which we’ll touch on a bit later. 

What's Best for My Needs?

Those in the market for a cleaner bathroom experience might be wondering what the best electric bidet seat is for their needs? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. Depending on the brand and price range, one can get as many or as few features as they want in their bidet seat. Because we hand selected our product selection based on reviews you can be sure that you're getting a reliable product backed by a reputable manufacturer.

With that in mind, let’s go through a comparison of all of the features that you’ll find on the bidet seats ranging from the less expensive affordable models to the luxury ones. As you can imagine, the less expensive the product, the less features that it will have. Some of the features you'll find are: LED Nightlights, Toilet Seat Warmers, LED Control Panels, Air Dryers for After Use, and the Capability to Spray Warm Water Instantly.

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We carry products with all or just a few of these features. Feel free to browse our collection right on the bottom of this page to see which one is right for you and your budget.

Programmable Electric Bidet Seats

Perhaps one of the best reasons for choosing an electric bidet seat is that most of them are programmable. This makes it really easy for the entire family to use, especially if you have children that might not grasp the concept right away. Because everyone’s body shape is different, it’s important that the nozzle is positioned towards the area that is going to be cleaned. Having a programmable bidet seat makes it easy for families to get the right nozzle position quickly so that they can get clean and get on with their day.

Eliminate Toilet Paper All Together with Air Drying

Air drying is also another major feature that one should look for when doing a bidet seat comparison. If one truly wants to eliminate the need for toilet paper (which conserves money and the environment) -   having an a model with air dryer is necessary to do so. After all, how else would you get dry down there? Not to mention, it's like having your own personal spa, right in your bathroom!

Want Warm Water?

Although many people enjoy cool water sprayers, there are some that love the luxury of warm water. Many of our electric bidet seats such as The Brondell Swash 1000 feature a ceramic heating system which allows it to spray unlimited amounts of warm water.

If there's going to be several people using the bidet, having programmable user presets is also a big plus. Because everyone's body is different, the nozzle may have to be re-positioned per each and every user. The Clean Sense Bidet makes this process as easy as possible by allowing users to have their own settings so they don't need to make adjustments every time.

Avoid a Freezing Toilet Seat with a Toilet Seat Warmer!

Finally, another great (but not necessary feature) is the toilet seat warmer. While many people purchase this item as a completely separate entity, it comes included with many of the electric bidet seats that we offer. Let’s face it, no one likes the feeling of a cold bidet toilet seat. Nothing is more jarring and alarming then waking up in the middle of the night and sitting down on an ice cube! By getting a bidet with an included seat warmer, you can enjoy a greater sense of hygiene and a greater sense of luxury.

PS: If you're interested in learning a bit about the history of bidets in the world as well as the United States, Mental Floss put out this great article which we recommend checking out!


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