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Ez-Loo (made by Biolet) was founded in Sweden way back in 1972 by Sture Andersson with a single goal in mind: to give people an actual viable alternative to water operating toilets. By the 1980s, the word quickly got around  Scandinavia and Biolet gained region-wide popularity. Originally named MullToa (which is Swedish for composting toilet), the waterless toilet product line was given its current name Biolet and sent was distributed to the global market.

The company is now run by Sture’s son, Peter Andersoon, who took over in 1995.

Biolet operates out of the USA in their central headquarters in Ohio. This gives them access to the entire North American market and provide the best customer service possible.

Now many people may be asking: What is a composting toilet and how does it work and what about odor?

Rest assured that when properly installed, there won’t be any odor coming from your composting toilet. It’s 100% clean and green and doesn’t require any harmful chemicals.

All waste is funneled to the composting system where it can be safely put back into Mother Nature’s beautiful earth as the waste is broken down into a harmless compost.

Biolet toilets are perfect for people living off the grid, doing long excursions outdoors, or just want a place to go to the bathroom in their yard without having to go back in the house and dragging dirt. Their products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.