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Freestanding Soaker Tub Collection

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In today’s busy world, very few of us get the relaxation that we need and deserve. There’s always another email, another phone call, or another event to go to. The freestanding soaker tub turns this notion on its head. When you have the option of filling a tub of warm water, lighting a few candles, and sinking your whole body deep (besides your head of course) into the water, there’s always time to relax.

The benefits of soaking are practically endless. Soaking has been practiced for nearly all of human history. The proven benefits of soaking are: improved blood circulation, reducing headaches, improving skin moisture, and much more. However, soaking is not for everyone and a physician should be consulted before beginning a regular soaking regiment.

We have a wide variety of freestanding soaker tubs. Many of our users prefer the clawfoot tub look, but we also stock pedestal tubs for those who are going for a more modern look. If one goes with the clawfoot tub option, we offer a range of different colors and finishes on the feet to match your style and your bathroom perfectly.
When it comes to sizes, if you cannot find the exact size of freestanding soaker tub you’re looking for on our website, please let us know. We have the ability to supply custom sizes to fit your exact needs. Although they may take a little longer to ship, the wait is well worth it when designing the bathroom of your dreams.

Because freestanding soaking bathtubs are a big ticket item, it’s important to shop around for price. One of the best reasons for shopping at BathVault is our Price Match Guarantee. Should you find same model tub elsewhere on the web for cheaper, please let us know. We promise to beat any competitor’s price and make your shopping experience a pleasant one with our award winning customer service.

Be sure to drop us a message in our live chat should you have any questions. Happy soaking!