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Galaxy Bidet

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Galaxy is known for its incredible line of bidet seats which can come with an insane amount of features. Featuring LED nightlights, suitable lids and extra quality touches that you won't find with any other bidet manufacturer, Galaxy remains one of the largest seat manufacturers in the world.


On the 4000-5000 models users have come to expect an extreme amount of features including an anti-slam seat and lid, a warm seat with safety sensor, hybrid heating system, warm and cool water systems, child settings, power saving features and more.

These unique Galaxy Bidet systems are some of the finest in the world and they fit directly over a regular toilet. These can modify your current plumbing system and turn your toilet into an absolutely revolutionary new system. The models are available in 220 and 240 V models and galaxy honors each one of these seats with a one-year warranty.

The company which is located in Washington will be continuing to produce many new versions of its very successful Bidet seat. Galaxy Bidet is available from a few different dealers across the United States and Canada as well as Australia and Europe. With a worldwide reach, they represent some of the finest and largest in Bidet  seats.