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Go bidet is a company that is known for producing water bidet attachments that can fit under existing toilet seats. Go bidet has long been a company that has designed products which can be used with regular toilets and with a series of control adjustments for pressure and temperature. With many options available for customization, you can truly enjoy a wealth of features including an optional warm water kit included in the design.


As well as being extremely versatile for use with plumbing around the world, this kit is known for its high-quality construction as well as the electroplated all brass materials used. Go bidet has produced a bidet attachment that doesn't require any type of electricity or batteries to use and it fits into almost any plumbing set up.

The company has several dealers located across Vermont and Washington and they can also be contacted for purchases directly from the website. Go Bidet is also seeking future dealers that they can use for selling their incredible Bidet attachments across the world.

With full manuals and installation guides available online, this is a great tool for getting and in-home bidet!

GoBidet Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Hot and Cold GB-2003C - BathVault

GoBidet Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Hot and Cold GB-2003C