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Infrared Bathroom Heater Collection

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Very few people like being cold. Well, maybe besides for this guy. However, for the majority of us, we like to avoid being cold like the plague especially after a warm, relaxing shower. Getting an infrared bathroom heater can turn an everyday uncomfortable experience into a luxurious one on command.

The first thing that someone must decide during the buying process is whether or not they want to get a ceiling heater or a wall mounted one. Both styles are perfectly acceptable, so mainly comes down to personal preference and bathroom design. Fortunately, at BathVault we offer both types of infrared bathroom heaters so our customers are free to pick and choose.

As a matter of fact, for most of the models that we carry, the wall mounted and the ceiling heaters are interchangeable. For all of our Ember heating panel models, we offer a ceiling panel mounting kit. Simply slide the panel bathroom heater into the rails after mounting them onto the ceiling. This also allows for space saving and leaves room for wall fixtures, pictures, or mirrors.

No matter what the style of your bathroom is, our heating panels come in a wide variety of finishes. These styles include: Pure White, White Green, and even in a Mirror Finish. With this in mind, you’re guaranteed to find a color and style that won’t clash with the furnishing that you already have.

The benefits of our infrared bathroom heaters don’t stop at style. This method of heating is proven to be an eco-friendly cost saver and has been shown to lower the cost of traditional central heating by up to 12%. Also, because it doesn’t continue to circulate air, it works wonders for allergy prevention.

Finally, you don’t have to limit these products to your bathroom. They work great in a den, bedroom, basement, or any other room that can use just a little bit of extra heat. This allows for people living in the home who prefer different temperatures to enjoy a little bit of extra heat (or not) making everyone in the household happy!

As always, please let our team know if any questions should arise. We use these products too and want to help you get just as much enjoyment out of the as we do.