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Infinity Bidet is a company that produces futuristic looking bidet seats for various toilets. These extremely technical infinity line Bidet seats come with heating, several jet options as well as the utmost in comfort.

Infinity has prided itself on creating items which are designed for comfort and versatility in Bidet technology. Electricity is required for these bidets but they are also some of the most advanced and comfortable available in the world currently.

The company produces bidets with a number of overwhelming and unique features like a heated seat, anti slam lid, Aerated water, pulse wash, choosing between hot and cold and more.

Infinity also has a huge advantage off of other types of Bidets on the market because it offers a two jet technology as well as a power saving and child mode. The two jet technology leads to a deeper clean as well as a greater chance to change the flow and function of the jets in the seat topper.

A massage wash button also combines the help of these two jet nozzles into a powerful and comfortable clean.

To make this model even more convenient it comes with a remote control!

Infinity Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Heated Toilet Seat XLC-2000 - BathVault

Infinity Bidet Toilet Seat w/ Heated Toilet Seat XLC-2000

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