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Lighted Vanity Mirror Collection

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One of the main benefits of getting a lighted vanity mirror is that you’ll finally get to see yourself without any shadows. Tasks such as applying makeup or facial hair grooming can’t be done with the appropriate accuracy if parts of the face cannot be seen properly. The correct lighted bathroom mirror will light up your entire face leaving no shadows and no guesswork during your daily routine. For extra detail, we also carry mirrors with added magnification.

While it may not seem obvious at first glance, the benefits of getting an LED mirror go beyond just applying makeup and shaving. These mirrors can last up to forty-thousand hours. Compare this to regular bathroom bulbs which usually last for one thousand hours or less. Not only is this good for your pocket book, but good for the environment as well.

Without the need for added lighting, you’ll also save on space. We all know how much storage is needed in a bathroom and adding extra light fixtures doesn’t make the job any easier. In addition, a lighted vanity mirror usually runs thinner than a traditional mirror, creating even more room across your bathroom wall.

The lighted vanity mirrors we sell can also be wall mounted. However, please note that for some of our models it is highly recommended that you have a professional electrician do the installation. This is because in some instances, hard-wiring to outlets may be required for the mirror to function properly.

Last, but not least, LED mirrors are modern, stylish and tend to become the focal point of most bathroom designs. Because we carry all different styles and sizes, there are mirrors for everyone’s style and taste. For those who have high-tech bathrooms, many of the models that we carry have motion sensors which will cause the mirrors to illuminated without the need for a switch.

We may be a bit biased, but we believe that BathVault is the best place to buy a lighted vanity mirror online. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures that you’re going to find the best price on the top brands. Our super awesome customer service team answers inquiries promptly when contacted via live chat or our contact form. We can also be reached via phone at 1-844-932-7282.