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Hand Held Bidet Collection

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In some circumstances, installing a new toilet or getting a bidet toilet seat is impractical due to size or plumbing constraints. In these situations, the best solution is to get a hand held bidet, sometimes referred to as a shattaf bidet sprayer. Some even refer to it as a diaper sprayer. Hand held bidets can be an easy way to make your bathroom more hygienic without using any electricity or undergoing any timely and costly renovations. As a matter of fact, they can usually be installed in under 30 minutes and cost under $40

We also sell warm water kits that allow users to convert their normally cold toilet bowl water to warm for a more relaxing experience. These kits can be purchased separately or upgraded as part of the original purchase.

As a bonus, our hand held bidets come with a FREE portable bidet that you can use whenever you’re on the go!

Many people ask how to use a bidet. Well with our hand held models, the answer is quite simple. You simply remove the attachment and spray the area that you wish to clean! They attach right to the side of your toilet seat so it is easy to access after going to the bathroom. For most of our products, there’s no need to call in a professional plumber either. Installation is a breeze! Most installations can be done quickly and easily even by non-handy individuals. To get a sense of how easy it is, check out the installation guide located at the bottom of this page. Please note, the warm water kit installation will require an additional installation step.

Now, there’s no reason to continue using toilet paper at such a rapid rate or take extra showers just to clean up after a messy bathroom session. Getting a hand held bidet will save you time and money on both fronts especially if you’ve got a large family that’s going through a lot of paper and using the shower constantly. The trees and the environment will also thank you for not using the 57 sheets of toilet paper that most Americans use on a daily basis! You can learn more about the environmental impacts in this funny and informative video

Now let’s be honest. Some people are going to be turned off with the idea of spraying water up into their most sensitive regions. However, we can assure you that it’s not as uncomfortable as it seems. In fact, most people find it to be more comfortable and clean than abrasive toilet paper. In fact, some users have reported that the cold water from their hand held bidets was actually very soothing for their hemorrhoids. It may even shrink them and prevent future fissures from occurring after continued use. It just makes sense, right? You’re not going to heal a fissure in your skin by constantly aggravating it with rough paper!

At BathVault, we strive to be the number one retailer of hand held bidets. We’ve made it our mission to help more Americans achieve a greater sense of clean and save the planet in the process. We want to make bidets a household item and not a foreign, laughable, or even scary term. We only carry the most trust bidet brands with the best reviews.

We promise to provide the best customer service; you’ll only talk to real people that are committed to helping you. You can also rest assured that you won’t pay shipping or sales tax when you shop with us. Many of our bidet products also come with FREE travel bidets which means that you can experience clean anywhere you go.

Have some additional questions? You can either call us by phone at 1.844.932.7282 or use our live chat at directly on the site. If we’re not available on live chat and you’d prefer to send us a question online, we respond very quickly when you use the form on our website, usually within 24 hours.

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Brondell CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet CS-30 - BathVault

Brondell CleanSpa Hand Held Bidet CS-30

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HotCold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit for CleanSpa Handheld Bidet MVK-10 - BathVault

HotCold Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit for CleanSpa Handheld Bidet MVK-10

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