Shower Panel System Collection

If you’re looking for the best shower panel systems online, you’ve come to the right place. We carry a wide array of products that will go right into your wall and completely change your entire shower experience. A hired contractor may be required for installation, but DIYers can take it on themselves if they so choose. Scroll Down the Page to View all of Our Products.

High Tech Features

The best part about switching over to such a system is the added features that it provides. Many of the panels that we carry don’t even require electricity as the LCD screens are powered by water. You don’t even need a battery to keep these products running. Many of our bathroom shower panels have body jets that turn your shower into a Jacuzzi. The fine finishes make them super simple to maintain and clean. All of our products are designed to last a life time.

LED Shower Heads

For customers looking for a led rain shower heads, we’ve got some great news. Our waterfall style panels not only have led lighting on the top of the spout (where the water comes out), but also on the sides of the panel. This makes for a (dare we say) mystical lighting experience. For those who are into this sort of thing, it may feel like you are showering on a space ship!

Our Team is Standing By to Help

If you’re unsure about which shower panel system is right for you, we’re here to help. Our live chat is online during business hours and we can be reached via our contact form during off-hours. All of our products are backed by our Product Quality and Price Match Guarantees. Also, if you’re a contractor doing work for a client, please let us know. We have exclusive discounts available with our contractor program. Finally, if you want to speak to a real person, please call us at 844.932.7282.

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