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Virtu USA

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Virtu USA was founded in 2007 with one simple mission. Provide exceptional quality bathroom products with the best customer service and value that cannot be beat.


Since then, they have quickly reason to become one of the leading brands in bathroom and home improvement products in the USA. All of their products are designed and crafted by some of the top professionals in the industry, giving them a unique look and value that cannot be beat.

To date, they carry a wide range of bathroom products including but not limited to: towel warmers, bathtubs, sink bowls, and more.

Virtu also has dedicated themselves to community empowerment and excellence as a company. They’re committed to doing right by both he consumer and the environment. That’s why a large percentage of their bathroom vanities contain rubberwood. Rubberwood is harvested post-latex harvesting to ensure that minimal waste is produced.

In addition to their environmental consciousness, they also make an opportunity to give back to the community. They’re actively involved with the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, and Project Motivate.

Finally, they also try to conserve as much water as possible with the design of their faucets. They are part of WaterSense which means their faucets are not only backed by the EPA, but also by third party testing. That means you will see reduced water bills and ensure that our water supply lasts for generations to come.