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Bath Vault challenges consumers to think differently. With a future-forward mindset, our mission is to provide unique and thought-provoking options when shopping for bath products.

Whether you're looking for trending aesthetics, environmentally conscious functionally, or spa reminiscent luxury, Bath Vault has been hand curated to combine all of these elements into one distinct storefront.

Our central headquarters is based in Lewes, Delaware with offices nationwide. We distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail.

As a world-class shopping experience would be worthless without world-class shipping and handling, we aim to go above and beyond to deliver every order promptly and in perfect condition.

With over 5 years of online business experience, our noteworthy shop is backed by an award-winning customer service team with expertise on every step of the shopping process.


If you've browsed Bath Vault, you may have noticed the uncommon range of bath products we provide. 
It's true. We have always strived to be uncommon. 
Our bath selection was created for those who think outside the box and search for products off-the-beaten path. 
We have centered Bath Vault around providing the rare finds in one memorable location, so you can create your home with the latest innovations in Eco-Friendly Focus, Fashion, and Functionality.


We created BathVault to ensure hard-working and keen-eyed consumers like you can have a direct source of high-quality, trustworthy brands.
If you are ever curious about any upcoming expansions in our product lines, exclusive deals, or simply would like to know more about a certain product, use the Contact Us Page to get in touch.
We open our Vault to you.