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Choosing the right ez-Loo composting toilet is as easy as 1, 2, 3

No matter what your situation may be, there is an ez-Loo to match your needs. Thanks to its modular set-up, the various power and capacity options and the availability of practical accessories, choosing the ez-Loo composting toilet that is just right for you is as easy as 1,2,3. And if your situation should ever change and the set-up needs to be modified, your ez-Loo can always adapt to its new environment.

1. Choose your power option: Non-electric, 12V, 115V or 230V are available.
2. Choose capacity: All ez-Loo models come with two bins included; rated at 4 people full-time/ 6 people part-time use. Add bins to increases capacity by 2/3 people per bin.
3. Choose accessories: Wind directional cap, solar panel, and additional easy-Mix plus can be chosen at time of purchase, or added on later.


How ez-Loo works


ez-Loo is a 100% waterless composting toilet system that breaks down human waste into a harmless end-product that can be safely recycled back to nature. The design of the toilet and its components optimize the biological break-down process that takes place inside the system. The combination of both continuous and batch composting make the ez-Loo the most efficient and easiest to use waterless composting toilet system. The continuous composting process generates the required heat for proper break-down of the waste and the batch composting system allows for adequate time for the material to be finished and to be safely recycled back to nature.





Installation is easy


The installation of any ez-Loo waterless composting toilet system is simple and can be done within a few hours using common handyman tools. The most important decision is how to vent the toilet to the outside. Various options are available; straight up or out through the side wall are the most common. All parts for a regular installation are included with the system. For more detailed instructions on how to install ez-Loo, take a look at page 4-7 of the owner's manual in the support section.