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Biolet FAQ

  1. How does ez-Loo work?
    ez-Loo is a modern waterless toilet system that offers a convenient solution to situations where traditional flush toilets are impractical or too costly to install. Inside the ez-Loo, solid material is being composted and liquids are being evaporated. Any excess liquid can be drained off (see options) and the end product is reusable dry compost that can be recycled back to Nature. Swedish environmental engineering combined with US craftmanship result in the finest and most convenient waterless toilets available worldwide.

    2. Is there any odor?
    A properly installed and maintained ez-Loo is completely odor-free. The integrated ventilation system transports any toilet odors through the vent pipes into the atmosphere.

    3. How do I keep the bowl area clean ?
    The wide design of the ez-Loo bowl brings cleaning to a minimum. In the event your ez-Loo does require cleaning and for regular hygiene practices, we recommend cleaning your ez-Loo using a sponge style bowl brush and biodegradable household cleaner spray with no bleach.

    4. How to dispose of the compost?
    Once the composting bin is about 3/4 full, add a layer of ez-Mix plus to the top of the bin. Now you can attach the convenient lid with a carry out handle and remove the bin from the ez-Loo. We recommend that you leave the contents of the bin stored for another 3-4 months or add it to your existing garden composter. After approximately 6 months it is safe to use as soil conditioner around ornamental shrubs and trees. Always check your local health regulations.

    5. Are they easy to install?
    The simple answer is: Yes! All you need to do is to attach the vent pipe to the toilet and choose how to route the pipes to the outside (see options) and drill a hole for the drain. Usually, the whole installation takes less than 3 hours and can be done using regular household tools.

    6. What kind of warranty do I get?
    In addition to the 30-day Money Back Guarantee, all ez-Loo waterless toilet systems and parts carry a limited Lifetime Warranty. For details regarding our warranty, clickhere.

    7. Do I need to add anything?
    Yes. In order to achieve optimum composting result, ez-Mixplus needs to be added regularly to the systems. ez-Mix plus is essentially a blend of peat moss, pine wood shavings and other organic ingredients; especially designed and approved by a US soil scientist. ez-Mix plus will provide the proper amount of carbon and bulking agent.

    8. What is the capacity?
    One of the many benefits of ez-Loo waterless toilets is the expandable capacity. Each unit comes standard with 2 composting bins which is rated at 4 people full time use and 6 people part time use. The addition of each extra bin increases the capacity of your system by 2-3 people, e.g. a total of 4 bins would be good for 8-10 people. The drain would handle any excess liquid and needs to be connected to a French drain or similar. Check our owner's manual for various options and always consult with your local health office.

    9. Where are ez-Loo waterless toilets being used?
    ez-Loo waterless toilets are being used all over the world in various applications. Some of the most common uses are in mountain cabins, lake cottages and as an extra toilet in year-around houses; e.g. in a  pool cabana, garage, basement, guest house, etc. In addition, here are some more locations where ez-Loo waterless toilets are being installed: work shops, barns, yurts, airport hangars; basically where there are people in need of a toilet, but no connection to water or sewer is available or desired, ez-Loo is the answer.

    10. Why choose ez-Loo?
    After 40 years of experience manufacturing waterless toilet systems, we understand what our customers want. We have designed the new ez-Loo only with you, our customer, in mind. Our customers are looking for a trouble-free, easy to use and install toilet; all at an affordable price. We are aware that our customers (and us, too) are used to regular water-flush toilets and in most situations, these toilets are what people want. But in some instances, a traditional toilet can't be installed; or it would be much too costly. Also the environmental benefits play a role here. In such cases, ez-Loo offers the perfect solution. The possibility to install a fully functioning toilet that offers the required service our customers are looking for: ez-Loo 100% toilet, zero water.