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BathVault Current Discount Codes

(Discount Codes Can Expire At Any Time Without Notice)

Congrats! You found our secret coupon code page.  We take pride in offering the lowest prices online, but sometimes customers are looking for a bit more. Since you took the time to look up if we had any coupon codes, we feel obliged to reward you!


  • Use coupon code SECRETFIVE to get 5% off, free shipping, and no tax on your entire order! Coupon code does not apply to JNH Lifestyles units or JNH Lifestyles accessories. 
  • Use coupon code SWEAT2 to get 2% cashback, free shipping, and no tax on all JNH Lifestyles orders! 


Here's how to claim your discount code:

  1. Select any premium bath/spa products that would fit perfectly in your home.

  2. Add these items to your cart.

  3. Proceed to our 128-bit secure checkout.

  4. Before finalizing your order, you will be prompted to enter in a Discount Code. Enter the code SECRETFIVE to redeem your special discount. *If purchasing a JNH Lifestyles sauna, use discount code SWEAT2 

  5. Proceed to finalize your order and we’ll handle the rest.