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Great product, excellent quality!

GDI-6996-01 Monaco
After an easy assembly everything was in working order. Well made, very sturdy. Looks and works GREAT! Absolutely love this Sauna!
Delores / GREENE, ME

Away with pain

It is wonderful to get into and relax listen to my music. What a way to start the day. Everyone should start their day in a Sauna. With my all my aches and pains this takes care of them first thing in the morning .WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carol / Bristol, TN

We love the sauna!!!!

MX-K406-01 Hemlock
The sauna is great! Putting it together only took a couple of hours, but we had a hard time finding the instructions, as you have to unscrew a panel behind the roof to find them, as well as the screws and door handle. By the time we located them, we had the sauna put together. Luckily we found everything, as customer service is only opened during business hours.
Delivery drivers actually came before their scheduled time and called approximately 5 minutes prior to arrival. Due to work, I had scheduled myself according to their scheduled time and had to leave early due to their early arrival. However, very glad that they came and weren’t late.
Just takes minutes to heat up, so turn it up, then get everything that you need (ie., water, magazine, music, etc.) for the experience.
For a 4-person sauna, it isn’t big enough for 3 people to sit comfortably, without touching each other…YUCK! There are only two of us, so it works out fine. Very glad that I ordered the 4-person, as anything smaller would have been a disappointment.
Overall, we love it and have wondered why it took us so long to purchase one!
Carla / North Port, FL

I absolutely LOVE this unit.

MX-K306-01 Hemlock
I absolutely LOVE this unit. It warms up quickly – maybe 15 minutes and I have it in a cool area so if it were normal temp room, it would most likely warm up even faster. It arrived on time. I did not install it so I can’t really speak to that – I did have to have special wiring but that wasn’t a big deal – maybe separate wiring is a better explanation. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys the sauna experience!
Lisa / Enola, PA


Love the sauna after one use. Takes a long while to heat up. Assembly instructions could use improvement. Very relaxing. Love it!
Pros: Beautiful, Relaxing
Cons: Assembly instructions could use improvement
Lori / Rockport, IN

A really great sauna that won’t break the bank.

After researching Infrared sauna’s for several weeks I ended up purchasing this item and I’m extremely satisfied so far, after about a month of ownership. The factors that drew me to this particular sauna were the reasonable price, the relatively low EMF output (there are sauna’s with lower EMF ratings, but they typically cost 2-3x as much, for a seemingly marginal reduction in the amount of EMF that they put out), and the fact that it uses Carbon panels.
I was also considering a smaller 1 person sauna made by the same company, but ultimately went with the 2 person model and I’m glad that I did. Even though I’m normally the only person using the sauna, I like having a bit more room to spread out. I particularly enjoy having enough room to put my feet up on the bench, which I feel is a good way to maximize my body’s exposure to the infrared. The infrared panel in the floor and the panel in the front of the bench don’t seem to get as hot as the panels that surround the bench, so putting your feet up on the bench will surround you with those hotter panels on all but one side of your body (so it’s a good idea to alternate which direction you are facing when you’ve got your feet on the bench).
Also, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing a backrest for this sauna (made by the same company). I don’t think it’d be nearly as comfortable without one. Speaking of comfort, I had an extra 3/4″ thick foam sleeping pad (for camping) laying around the house and I cut it down to size to fit on top of the sauna’s bench and that made it quite a bit more comfortable to sit on.
Finally, one last tip: If you find that the sauna isn’t reaching the temperature that you set, make sure that the adjustable vent in the roof isn’t all the way open. It normally takes about 25-30 minutes for my sauna to reach 130 degrees. The sauna is located in my basement, which normally has an ambient temperature of about 70 degrees.
In conclusion, this sauna makes me sweat more than I ever have in my life and I’m very impressed by it’s construction and functionality. Two sweaty thumbs up!
Steve / Riverdale, UT


DYN-6444-04 Modena
Well let’s see …. I’ve tested this most of everyday since September 14th 2014. Delivery was great came in 4 boxes that u can carry in the house to put together. My 19 yr old son and me a female but this together in about 2.5 hours. I am very pleased with this. A 3 person seat is best for 2 average adults but it can fit 3 if you don’t mind rubbing arms if necessary. It looks beautiful and installed it in our guest room. The temperature, though it’s not save can get as high as 153 at times so it does heat up well. It feels great on my bad back and my arthritis. Lights change colors in the ceiling if you want it to. Has nice reading light and stereo works great. I have never had any glitches or issues yet and I have used the heck out of it already. Called customer service once with a question about plugging in my iPhone in the port inside the sauna for stereo and had great service and pleasant people to deal with. Do not have any cons this far! Love it!
Barbara / Henryville, IN

Same sauna I used at my spa

I had been buying sessions at a local spa when I decided to look into purchasing one myself, so I copied all the info on the one at the spa and went looking to buy the same one. I figured since there are so many on the market why not buy the same brand you have used and liked so that’s what I did. 
Diane / Gilbert, AZ

Great so far!

DYN-9101-01 Cindy
I purchased this sauna to warm cold winter bones (reside in northern MN) as well as for some of the health benefits. It arrived when expected and was relatively easy to assemble. Also, because of the weight of the sides and front panels, it really takes 3 adults to assemble (instructions say 2). This is advertised as a 1-2, but is for 1 person – also, note there is not a lot of space for 1 person (I’m 5′ 8″, athletic 160 female) and can only sit upright on the bench – there is approximately 3″ between my knees and the door. No room to ‘lounge’ at all. If you’re tall or larger, this sauna may not accommodate you comfortably.
Liz / Minneapolis, MN

Pretty cool, I meant Hot!

DYN-6210-02 Venice II
I was little worried after ordering, thinking that it won’t be as good as what other reviewers said. But I am so happy….correction, my wife loves it. She is using it everyday. I can’t stand sauna so I don’t go in except to admire my work. It was pretty easy putting together without even looking at the instructions. I look at the instructions for installing the little holder. Instructions were not too helpful so I attached it by the door and works great. So far so good. Only had it for few days so will see.
+ Pros:
easy assembly,
works well,
looks nice,
easy to use control panel
– Cons:
not a real con but i wish it was little larger
Model Number:
Dynamic Venice II 2-Person FAR Infrared Sauna
I recommend this product.
Formywife / Olympia. WA

Venice II FAR Sauna

DYN-6210-02 Venice II
We absolutely love this sauna. I will skip most of what has already been stated since we agree with all of it. My concern was that the sauna would over heat the room where it resides, a medium small study. Not the case at all. Takes a little time to heat up but I like the easy transition from room temperature to where I max out at about 123 degrees…Spouse takes it up to 140 for 45 minutes!
The lighting was a complete and pleasant surprise. Good enough to read in there while listening to the above mp3 stereo speakers.
The top arrived with some trim damage. Took a picture and sent it to Golden Designs and a new top was sent immediately, no questions asked. After about 4 times using the sauna, the control box apparently went POOF! and the sauna would not heat up. After talking with the tech person at Golden, suggested that I take the old control box out and replace it with the one that was in the original, damaged top. Well that didn’t take long and it worked perfectly again. In the meantime, Golden sent a new control box so, now we have a backup! (in case that were to ever fail again). So, all issues were resolved immediately and we could not be happier with this purchase.
+ Pros:
solid as a rock,
attractive in the study,
lighting is awesome,
customer service = outstanding!,
heats up quickly,
mp3 stereo speakers really make the experience!
– Cons:
not that we can find,
not a con: lighting cycles thru 10 lights slowly,
would be great if i could set to a single light,
for an extended period of time like orange!
Model Number:
Dynamic Venice II 2-Person FAR Infrared Sauna
I recommend this product.
Reidar / NW of Chicago, IL

Easy to assemble, nice to look at, and even better for your health

DYN-6106-01 Barcelona
This sauna is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. The heat is even across the panels and the look is complimentary to wanting it seen and not hidden away. Everything fit perfectly and I assembled it easily enough by myself in 20 minutes from unpacking. The amount of sweat that pours out of you is amazing and my skin feels so much cleaner and rejuvenated.
Highly recommend to anyone.

Nice Sauna !

DYN-6106-01 Barcelona
Great Space Saver !! I Purchased this Sauna January/15 . This Sauna is Easy to put together, heats up to 145 F. I have read other reviews, and have noticed that a major comment is that the calf heater does not produce enough heat. I noticed that it is not as hot as the 4 that surround your upper body but still seems effective. Chromotherapy lighting is awesome also. It was Very easy to carry each piece into the house and installations are explanatory .

Finally an affordable home sauna!

DYN-6106-01 Barcelona
Verified Purchase
I had this delivered on April 13th. It was delivered by “ABF” freight and the delivery went smoothly.
Unboxed it in the garage and carried to upstairs bedroom. Every part was light enough for one person to move except for the front with the glass.
It came with a towel holder, magazine rack and the remote for the variety of lighting choices.
It was very easy to assemble. My wife and I took assembly as slow as we could not wanting to break anything. It still only took slightly over an hour to assemble.
Last night I used it for the 5th straight day. Be careful and work your self up slowly,(I over did it the first time).
It is awesome so far. The panels just soak your skin with luxuriant heat.
The only thing I can say is that I wish I had gotten it sooner!
My wife and I wanted a place to relax and unwind and this is the answer.
Got some essential oils to add to the experience.
Any phone, MP3 player with a 3.5mm port hooks to the speakers. It comes with the wire to attach your device to the speakers.
10 Sessions so far in 10 days. My wife and I love it! I feel much more relax already. Skin texture already much improved.
Coincidence or Cure, not sure. My wife went to the Eye Dr. yesterday. She has had Glaucoma since she was 35, 5 years now. Yesterday was a checkup. Her pressures were down to 15 and 17! st they have been since she was diagnose. She still takes her drops, but the Dr. was amazed. (She said the Dr. kept looking back at her last visits kinda puzzled.)
Now, whether 11 sessions over 11 days had lowered her pressure we don’t know. But what we do know is that it is great news! Her next Dr. visit is in 6 months. The Dr. told her that she would be considered “pre glaucoma” now! Made her day and mine.
Just another reason to enjoy our Sauna!!

I love my sauna!

Both times I called customer service, a friendly and knowledgeable person answered the phone after the first ring. Immediately impressed. After attempting to troubleshoot my problem, we determined my sauna would need a replacement part, which was shipped to me within a few days. Email correspondence was top notch as well, with replies to my questions coming back even during the weekend. I get the feeling these saunas don’t break too often, so customer service is not overburdened and takes pride in fixing the rare problem quickly, and at no cost to the customer. Just a hunch! I love my sauna (I NEED my sauna) and am so thankful to have it working perfectly again!
Alex K. / Fresno, CA

I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude in words…

‘I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude in words… the part you sent fixed the problem, and it got here Friday afternoon.  I was able to get back into the groove with my daily one hour sweat session, and I only missed four days while the sauna was down.
I know you went above and beyond the call of duty to help me, and I makes me a bit teary to think of that.  I have a lot on my plate with small children, two elderly in-laws that I care for, a small business, and an old home that has been under construction for many years.  It is important to a lot of people that I be well enough to handle the daily stressors, and the sauna treatments for my Lyme are a big reason that is possible.
Thank you so very much for taking time out of YOUR busy schedule to do this for me.’
Again, I express my appreciation and wish you well – Anne M.

Excellent Purchase

Madrid DYN-6310-01
“ This sauna is everything advertised and more. Very well engineered and great looking as well. Easily assembled in an hour or so. Simple to use, quiet and roomy. If you are considering a sauna, do not hesitate to buy this one! “
liketobike / Gold Canyon, AZ

Great sauna!

Venice II DYN-6210-02
“ Great sauna for two people. Well made. Simple assembly. Impressed with fit, finish and functionality. Sound system is a great addition. Overheated phone while listening to Pandora! Love this purchase! “
GoodMommy / Chicago, Il

Excellent Purchase

Barcelona DYN-6106-01
Pros: fast delivery, great design, great customer service, excellent price
Cons: takes a lot of strength to put together
“ I am so happy with this purchase. I have wanted an Infrared Sauna because of the health benefits so I was searching for great reviews and price. I was also concerned with size and this was perfect for my small extra room. The design is simple and should be easy for most to put together. I had some trouble because of strength but was able to put together with the help of a friend (who was much stronger). Delivery was fast and the customer service was there to help. I am enjoying the sauna daily and the heat is just right and adjustable. I am so glad that I did my research and got this sauna. “
Rie323 / Reno, Nv

Great product

Vienna DYN-6215-01
Had this assembled in no time at all. Used it a few times now and sleep great. Far infrared technology does not heat the air in the sauna, like a traditional sauna. It heats objects (like humans) when the waves penetrate so don’t expect for the sauna to be hot like a wet or dry sauna. You will sweat and feel great in a few days use. It heats to temp in about 10-15 minutes.
Great value for a small, therapeutic sauna that fits great in the basement.
bugsee / Hamilton

Good quality roomy very stylish

Madrid DYN-6310-01
When it arrived and my husband and I put it together it was relatively easy, the instructions were simple, the pieces were somewhat awkward because there are no easy way to hold on to it, but being 65 and 79 yrs of age we had it put together in a couple of hours. I used it later in the day and it was absolutely heaven and plenty of room for two people, haven’t tried three people yet.
The heating panels are everywhere even on the floor.
spunkey84 / Granbury, Tx

Easy assembly and instructions, comfortable

Florence DYN-6315-01
Really enjoying the sauna. It is more than we expected with all the little “extra” details. We were especially pleased with how easy the assembly was…but you definitely need two adults for lifting.
Bosswoman701 / Fargo, ND

Absolutely 5 Stars

VIENNA DYN-6215-01
Pros: beautiful craftsmanship of the wooden panels, ease of assembly, great customer service with golden designs, ambience of the led lighting (chromotherapy)
Cons: instructions could be more clear, missing a hex wrench ( i have extras)
Model Number: Vienna 2 Infared Sauna
“ I have read all the reviews prior to purchasing this sauna (Venice 2 infrared). Like everyone else has previously stated, they were very skeptical about purchasing this product with such a high rating percentage, but believe me there is certainly a reason why this product, Costco, and Golden Designs has received such good reviews.
I also purchased this product about a week ago. I received 2 confirmation contacts via email and phone in regards to my purchase. They delivered the sauna to my doorstep within the week. This was very impressive due to the fact that their estimated delivery was 2-3 weeks. Golden Designs went above and beyond with their customer service and delivery. The sauna comes pre-packaged nicely in 3 boxes so you will definitely need help in transporting these into the house because they are heavy.
My wife is a Naturopathic Physician and recommends these saunas to many of her patients so I thought I would surprise her by purchasing one of our own. The healing properties of this sauna are endless, just do your research and you will see for yourself.
The assembly was very simple, but I have to agree the instructions are not that clear. Even without the instructions, we had the sauna up and running in less than an hour. It is basically a box with the four sides, a bottom and a top. The sides are connected together by hinged latches on the back of the sauna. Just make sure everything is lined up correctly before attempting to latch the corners together.
Attn: To All the male customers, do not think you can put this thing together by yourself. The panels are too heavy and bulky, just ask a friend, it will be so much easier and faster. I am one to always DIY, but I also know my limitations and this will definitely will require an extra set of hands.
I would highly recommend this product to anyone. The craftsmanship of the sauna components are solid and the customer service is top notch. I cannot comment on the warranty because I just purchased this item, but I’m sure between Costco and Golden Designs, someone will take good care of you.
I would also recommend this model because it is large enough to accommodate 2 people, but not an eyesore. Also you do not need an electrician to modify your outlets, just plug and play. “
Bassbuster / Northern CA

My first sauna and I love it.

Madrid II DYN-6310-02
Pros: it is good quality and convenient to have.
Cons: 30 amp plug needs to be done by an electrician.
“ This sauna is surprisingly good, it heats up to 50 C. in 25 min. but max. temp I get is 64C. and it takes about 1h. but that is no problem I can wait, my wife is happy with 50C. I had no problem to assemble it, only I had to remove the glass door from the front panel, because it was too heavy to carry it from my garage to a small room in the basement. The 30 amps plug was installed by an electrician. Operating and setting time and temperature is easy it can be done from outside and inside and the different colours of the light and two speakers is fun to have. “
Zibby / Mississauga, Ontario